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Choose the Best Photographer for your Special Occasions

Looking for a Brisbane portrait photographer?  Here are some things to keep in mind.

Portrait photography definitely requires skill.  It also requires a keen eye and a passion for capturing perfect moments.  Not all perfect moments require a pose, but many do–it really all depends on who needs the pictures, and for what reason.  Do you need pictures to capture the wonderfulness that is a once-in-a-lifetime wedding?  Or are you taking a family portrait to show the family maturing as time goes by?  Those are two very different modes of photography, and both may or may not require specific posturing dependent upon your tastes.

A sort of “photography of the real” has become more and more en vogue as technology becomes faster and more sleek. Whereas, in the origins of the photography innovation, people would be required to sit or stand still for hours, now high definition photos can capture people in the middle of an action.  This means that events, like weddings, become much more dynamic.  Now instead of static photos of the bride and groom, or their families, standing still, a photographer can capture the story of emotion that plays across the groom and bride’s face as the ceremony progresses.  That same photographer can capture the families on both sides of the aisle reacting, crying, laughing, celebrating or sleeping–depending on the situation, of course!  All of those moments are memorable and worth capturing.

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For a Brisbane portrait photographer, you’ve got a lot of memories that will be appended to the output.  A picture is like a psychological time machine.  Good photography really brings you back.  As taste and smell and touch and sound and thought can bring a memory to the forefront of your mind, so can a picture.  Seeing the perfect play of sun across the green-green trees in the Brisbane breeze as the cake was cut under the cream-cheese frosting–that one picture can bring you back in time!  They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  That means one hundred fifty pictures can convey more information than most novels.  So find a Brisbane portrait photographer that isn’t just a portrait expert.  You’re looking for a flexible, jack-of-all-trades (as regards photography, anyway) photography solution that can perfectly capture those memorable moments.

The best photographers often work in teams.  Think of it this way: if you’ve got a cone of influence aimed at a target, you can illuminate it completely from one side.  If you’ve got two cones of influence, you can illuminate it from all sides.  So a Brisbane portrait photographer really works best if he or she is part of a team that are working duly hard to provide accurate coverage of the event. With things like weddings or commencements, you only really get one chance to capture the magic.  A posed portrait is a different story, but even in that scenario, there is a certain aspect of time captured on the side of the photographer.  Certain moments will come when everybody’s got just the right smile, and so the best Brisbane portrait photographer will also have impeccable timing.

Precious Times Photography is a husband and wife team who share a mutual passion for capturing those precious moments.  They understand the value of a good picture and have made their careers out of sharing that understanding with the many clients who utilise their services.  Whether it’s for a wedding, family portrait, commencement ceremony, party or other event, Precious Times Photography can capture the moment and provide you with a portable psychological time machine in the form of a picture that never fades.