Amazing Naruto illustrations created using everyday objects


Hi to all my lovable visitors, am glad and excited to show some interesting and funny super heroes. These are the amazing project of Nguyen Quang Huy, he is 25 years old freelance artist from Vietnam. He is very famous for Marvel painting Project; he is not only interested on super heroes but also interested on comics and manga. Naruto is one of his favorite characters. Here am showing you an interesting project “I am Naruto” this is one of the amazing projects created by Nguyen. In this project he integrated everyday common objects in to the painting of the manga series characters. This project is really an amazing project sure you will love it. To explain more about this project, in the first photograph you can see “I am Naruto”, in this pic you can see maple leaf as a crown on his head which is very funny to see.

In the second photograph you can see Obito on his face he painted peach pit, this is like mask on his face. In the third pic you can see an amazing character Gaara holding peanut. In the forth pic you can notice Kakashi with white conch as crown.  Still you can see more super heroes on funny look. This is really an amazing and innovative project hope you will love it.