Best Workout Plan for Couples


It is not very interesting to do the same squats and twisting alone. An hour allotted for a workout can be spent with much more fun if you go on a date with your girlfriend. But joint workouts will solve these problems. Firstly, you will not get bored with the company. Secondly, your standard exercise change, and this loads different muscles.

How does paired workout work? Workout for two is based on mutual understanding: it helps to learn to listen and feel the partner, to understand their desires. Paired yoga, dance directions, for example, bachata, X-Gravity, or so-called “anti-gravity” training in the air with a special swing are perfect for couples.

Paired push-ups provide an element of instability to your workout. Because a person will not be able to support your hands as tightly as a bench or floor, which means that the deep muscles of your body will have to work harder.

Or take an extension of the arms from behind the head. The well-known triceps exercise with a dumbbell. You lift the dumbbell, and the muscles tighten; lower your arms, and your muscles relax. It’s another matter when you train with your partner. They will constantly resist and won’t allow you to easily raise your hands but also lower them without tension. As a result, your exercise will be far more effective.

Another great example of exercises for couples is med ball squats, twisting and passing the ball to a partner at the same time. During workouts, partners can help each other with stretching and support. Also, you both can act as a weighting device when you make squats and push-ups. These exercises energize well and eliminate the negative of the martial arts program. Boxing sparring will be great entertainment and an interesting experiment for the couple. You can get even more benefit from outdoor training if you try is skiing, running, Nordic walking, cycling, and much more.

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits of such training. All that remains is to find a partner. The Internet is a very powerful tool because it not only a source of ideas for creating your workout plans but also the best place to find a foreign wife. Ideally, the weight, height, and level of physical fitness of your partner should be close to yours. It is clear that you chose your beloved girlfriend for other parameters. Don’t worry, if necessary, some exercises can be adjusted.

1. If you are much taller than your girlfriend (more than 4 inches), then you should seat on a chair while your partner performs an extension of the arms from behind the head and dilution of the arms with resistance. Plus, you can ask your partner to stand on a stable bench or sofa while you do paired push-ups.

2. If you are much heavier than your partner (more than 25 pounds), then your partner must stand up on you when you perform push-ups. Thus, you will be a little more balanced. It will be harder for you to do the pushups with the additional weight, and for your partner, this will add a certain instability, which will also strengthen her muscles. You can also do back push-ups from a sofa or bench.

3. If you are much stronger physically than your partner, then you have to seek a compromise. To begin, do as many repetitions as both of you can do but eventually, try to catch up to the strongest. Strive to perform a set of exercises three times with a break of up to a minute between sets.

4. Here, you alternate exercises, and while you do cardio, the partner is engaged in power movements. The faster you do your part, the fewer times your girlfriend will have to lift weights and vice versa. This system allows both of you to quickly reach the fat burning phase.

Note: don’t overwork when exercising or you may damage your health. It is always better to ask a professional trainer to create a workout plan for both of you. In this case, the task of the fitness instructor is to create ideal conditions for achieving specific goals and give tactile contact exercises to strengthen relationships.