Alluring places of Argentina


Get ready to view the enchanting places of Argentina

Argentina is a beautiful tropical country that is located in the southern part of America which holds an abundance of natural resources also a land of natural and man -made wonders. Argentina is known as one of the highest literary countries in the world and it is becoming known around the world for being a hub for plastic surgery. Argentina is home to the Perito Moreno glacier which is not just the third largest water source in the world but also a growing glacier without shrinking. It is trouble-free to travel to Argentina through happening airlines. You can easily book your flight tickets online.

View over Avenida 9 Julio and the obelisk in Plaza Republica:: Buenos Aires:: Argentina.

Gaily cities of Argentina

Mendoza, this is historic city located in western part of Argentina and, is a famous stop for those interested in mountain climbing, horseback riding and rafting .it has also a large number of outdoor cafes with tree-lined streets, plazas, parks and squares.


Cordoba, it is one of the old cities in Argentina, though there are many colonial structures such as churches, government buildings, monuments. This spot is also a gaily city for festivals and nightlife.


Buenos Aires is the city and capital of Argentina which is also well-known as the birthplace of tango. It contains the most bookstores per person of any city in the world. Buenos Aires is a steak lover’s paradise; with parillas located throughout the city. It is an important economic and political headquarters. This city is strongly influenced by European culture and is famous for the opera house, a zoo, many museums, galleries featuring local art and musical works. Buenos Aires also well known for the botanical garden.

Buenos Aires

Admiring places of Argentina

Tierra del Fuego National Park this park has dramatic scenery with waterfalls, forests, mountain and glaciers. It is included in the IUCN category 2 parks. It stretches from the Beagle channel to the edges of lago kami at the southernmost point of Argentine Patagonia.

Tierra del Fuego National Park

Talampaya National Park it is the desert region of northwest Argentina. It offers usual sights you would come to expect with a desert, along with sunsets, starry night skies, sedimentary rock patterns and strange rock formations that bring out the best of your imagination.


Tiger Delta located at the north of Buenos Aires, which serves as the surrounding delta. It offers the real appeal of escaping tiger and exploring the river delta by boat apart from the museum, great shops and a bustling outdoor market.

Tiger delta, Buenos Aires

Cerro Catedral it is South America’s most famous and well -developed ski resort. Challenging terrain, off-piste access and snowboarding facilities make it a popular destination for winter and ski festivals. In the offseason, cycling, hikers, climbers are welcomed.

Cerro Catedral

Monte Fitz Roy located in southern Patagonia near the Chilean border. It is one of the most iconic points in the Andes, which is the granite mountain that is surrounded by glacial lakes and dramatic ice fields.

Monte Fitz Roy

Cueva de las Manos is the archaeological site includes a magnificent collection of prehistoric cave paintings that were completed before 9,000 years ago inhabit Patagonia and Pinturas river canyon and it is known for its iconic stenciled outlines of overlapping hands but also includes painted hunting scenes and symbolic pictographs.

Cueva de las Manos

Bariloche is the admiring city in the Rio Negro Province of Argentina with its chocolate shops, Swiss-style architecture and picturesque setting of pristine lakes and snow-capped mountains, where Bariloche simply appears to be like a village in Switzerland.


Culture of Argentina

Argentine culture has been influenced by Italian speech, Spanish and other European immigration. Spanish is the dominant language that is been spoken in Argentina but migrant people speak their mother tongue. Book fair is done like a festival every year in April where book lovers will be invited and given their favorite books. Adults and children used to return back to home after lunch for siesta. Tango dance is one of its national identity and cultural symbol and football is its national game.



Argentina is best known for its meat and wine. Though there are delicious sweets worth trying like Medialunas, Dulce de Leche, Chocolate En Rama, Churos con Dulce De Leche, Alfajores, Chocotorta, Flan con Dulce de Leche. Traditional foods of Argentina are Asados (barbecued meat), Empanadas (stuffed pastries), Milanesas (crumbled meat), Pizza (known as Pisa), and pasta.


Transport in Argentina is mainly based on inexpensive long-distance buses and cargo. Transportation modes are the bus, taxi, commuter rail, underground metro system, Tram, fluvial transport. The country also has a number of national and international airports. Majority of the people use public transport like bus as their mode of transport rather than their personal cars. Cycling is also a big common mode of transport.

Highlights of Argentina

The very first animated movie is created by Argentinean man. Paleontologists flock to Argentina to search for rare clues of dinosaur and others. People around the world visit Argentina for its natural scenery and glaciers. You can easily book your flight tickets through online airlines to reach Argentina.