Beautiful Places of Belgium


Get ready to view the fascinating sites of Belgium

Belgium is a very well known place being the headquarters of European Union and NATO. It is a country situated in Western Europe which is very famous for its extremely peaceful medieval towns and mesmerizing architecture. Belgium is a diverse country where there are Dutch-speaking Flanders to the north, French-speaking Wallonia to the south and German-speaking community to the east. It is very easy to travel to Belgium with some of the most happening airlines. You can easily book your flight tickets online.



Lively cities of Belgium

Brussels – Brussels is the capital city of Belgium and also the official capital city of the EU. It is one of the most popular multicultural cities in Europe. This city attracts with its impressive historic places namely the famous Grand Place indulged with Gothic town hall and baroque guild halls. The city is also famous for its art and educational aspects. Museums namely Magritte museum, Comic museum and the Royal Museum of fine arts are popular.


Antwerp – this city is located in the Flanders. It is the second largest city of Belgium. The city is especially known for Rubens, Diamonds, Fashion and the Port situated. The Scheldt river which has the Gothic Cathedral as a landmark is very well known here. Some of the attention grabbing places are Grote Markt, city hall and stair-shaped guild houses, Central station, Plantin Moretus Museum, MAS Museum, Zoo and the Royal Museum of fine arts.



Charleroi – this is the largest town located in Wallonia, Belgium. This city is popular for its historic sites and some of the beautiful buildings and monuments.


Impressive places of Belgium

Grand Place – Grand Place is also known as Grote Markt which is the central square of the Brussels city. The place is covered all around by opulent guildhalls. It has two large edifices on either side. This place also includes the King’s house which is also known as Breadhouse Building and the museum of the city.

Manneken Pis – this place is one of popular and landmark places of Brussels city. This is the place of Bronze sculptures. The place was designed by Hieronymus Duquesnoy the Elder in the year 1619.

Manneken Pis

Atomium – this building is very famous for its unique style of construction and design. This place is located on the Heysel Plateau. It is also a museum place which is designed in a completely modern look. The building is 102m tall. The shape of the building will be like a unit cell of an iron crystal.


Markt – Markt also known as the Market Square is located in the center of the city which covers an area of about 1 hectare. This place includes some of the popular historic sites namely the 12th century belfry and the West Flanders Provincial court.  The statue of Jan Breydel and Pieter de Coninck are located in the center of the place.

Mini Europe – this is the miniature park located in Bruparck which is at the foot of the Atomium in Brussels. This place is very well known for its reproduction process of the monuments displayed in the European show. This park contains some of the live models namely trains, mills, erupting Mount Vesuvius and cable cars.

Mini Europe

Cinquantenaire – Cinquantenaire is also known as Jubel park. It is one of the large public urban parks in the eastern part of Europe. The U shaped complex is the most attractive part of the park. There are many sculptures and structures that get added to every year exhibition. The Royal Military Museum is also the attention-grabbing site of the park.


Culture of Belgium

Belgium culture involves all the aspects of Belgians, Dutch-speaking Flemish and French-speaking Walloons. The Belgium culture is almost similar to the European culture. There are two major Linguistic groups who choose their own customized culture to follow. The Flemish groups follow both of the English culture and Netherlands culture and the French people there follow the culture adopted in France.

Cuisines of Belgium

Belgium is very popular for junk foods. It is very well known for its Chocolates Waffles, Fries and liquors. Some of the popular national foods are hamburgers and spaghetti Bolognese. Some of the vegetables that are must and should in almost all of the dishes are potato, leeks, grey shrimp, white asparagus, Belgian endives and local beer.

Transportation in Belgium

Belgium is featured with proper public transportation. The modes of transportation include train, tram, metro and bus system which makes your travel easier and comfortable. To travel to beach sides there are proper coastline facilities available.

Belgium special attraction is Belgium world cup squad

The FIFA world cup is being held in Belgium. Football tournament conducted in Belgium is very popular worldwide. People all around the world come to view the tournament. You can easily book your flight tickets through the airlines to reach Belgium.

belgium world cup squad