Tribute To The Indian Dance Forms!


While people are very much embraced towards different types of dance forms but apart from all the Indian culture and the Indian dance forms stands unique when compared to others. There is a magic in the Indian dance forms that attracts your heart in the first look. Art plays an important role in the Indian culture and dance is the important form of art. Though there are many types of art, dance carries a special place among all. The expressions, movements, interest, devotion, dedication, grace, smile, costumes, and elegance are the special part of the dance that gives life to the floor when the dancer is dancing. Here is have picked some of the special and wonderful photographs of the Indian dance forms from the International Dance Day that was celebrated every year on April 30, since from 1982. This is really a great tribute paying to the different dance forms of different places all over the world. here I have picked some for you have a look at it and enjoy it.

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