Decoration Ideas for St. Valentine’s Day


February is that time of the season when everybody prepares for St. Valentine’s Day. During this festive season, everybody tries to give their homes that celebratory touch. St. Valentine’s Day for some is all about decorating their homes in the spirit of the love and also, maybe cooking the holiday dishes. Meanwhile, you should make sure you don’t enjoy these decorations alone, if you are going to be lonely this St. Valentine’s Day, you should check out any of the free online dating websites for a partner and meet people in your area to keep you company.
If you are interested in holiday decorations, here are some ideas for St. Valentine’s Day to festive up your home;


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Decorate the front of your home with Ice Lanterns
Nature is always so beneficial as you can turn plastic cartons filled with water into glowing ice lanterns to display either indoors or out with the help of the winter. Your freezer can also be used for this project to turn the plastic cartons into ice lanterns. This is DIY home-made idea and won’t cost you a fortune.

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Fake a roaring fireplace
People who live in apartments and urban centers, this is one of the best decorating ideas for your home. Be creative to make a spot to hang your stockings and give a St. Valentine’s Day cheer to any room. You could turn a canvas drop cloth, drapery hardware and chalkboard paint into a smart faux mantel wall hanging that you can simply dismantle and store when the holidays are over with a little bit of creativity.


Turn a toy into a fanciful Love decor
Add a little glamor and color to any area of your home with an inexpensive plastic deer figurine covered with basic white or red glue and glass glitter. Make it looks nice by wiring ornaments (for ex. hearts) on the walls or in front of your bed.

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Display the greeting cards
Have you thought of displaying the Valentine’s cards to bring about beautiful scenery made up with colors? Use a secure string, hung it across the living room, then, hang the greetings on full display. The effect this can bring about is awesome. The Valentine’s cards are made with several beautiful colors. Now, throwing all these together in a potpourri is just brilliant.


Keep snacks and candies in view
St. Valentine’s Day decoration is not complete without giving the eye a treat that will make the tummy scream in excitement. Achieve this feat by keeping snacks and cookies in places that will entice visitors or your beloved. This works like magic. Brightens up the place immediately.

happy valentine`s day

This season, you could also change the setting of your furniture pieces in the living room. Give your chairs a holiday look by whipping up these chair swags. Just cut red felt into a notched banner shape, then cut gray felt into the same shape just 1-inch shorter on all sides. Glue the smaller gray felt onto the red using fabric glue. Spray-paint wooden letters white and allow to dry. Attach them using wood glue to the gray felt. Punch holes in the swag’s upper corners, slide ribbon through, and attach to the chair backs with ribbon or a big heart.

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