Stylish Black And White Ink Tattoos By Mirko Sata


Hi, buddies! I am going to share some of the amazing and cool black and white ink tattoos to still develop your tattoo ideas. These cool tattoos are designed by Mirko Sata. Tattoos are really stylish and it will show how stylish are and your thoughts, they are very cool. In this series the snake tattoos are the king, they look amazing and little scary but still it is awesome. Mirko is a Milan based tattoo artist, he works at parlor called as Satattyision. These snake tattoos are his speciality and he does them only in black and white form and if necessary he also does it by using simple colors. He creates an amazing results from dark and light colors. Here are the stunning tattoo designs.

black-white-snake-tattoos-mirko-sata-01 black-white-snake-tattoos-mirko-sata-02 black-white-snake-tattoos-mirko-sata-03 black-white-snake-tattoos-mirko-sata-08 black-white-snake-tattoos-mirko-sata-09 black-white-snake-tattoos-mirko-sata-010 black-white-snake-tattoos-mirko-sata-013 black-white-snake-tattoos-mirko-sata-015