Cute! See The Incredible Friendship Between Cat And The Dragon


You might have seen many types of friendship between different types of creatures but this is completely different and something stunning. You are going to see the stunning photographs of unlike friends cat and dragon. According to me this is really very rare and unbelievable combination and friendship. Just look at the photographs you too will feel amazing and stun, the dragon name is Charles and it is a female bearded dragon and the cat, lovely is very lovable and cute. These lovely photographs prove the true friendship between them. These two little friends enjoy their time by playing outside and looking through the window and by guarding their home in Johns town in Pennsylvania. Here are the amazing sign of friendship and new definition for friendship watch and enjoy it.

bearded-dragon-cat-friendship-sleep-together-charles-baby-2 bearded-dragon-cat-friendship-sleep-together-charles-baby-12 bearded-dragon-cat-friendship-sleep-together-charles-baby-10 bearded-dragon-cat-friendship-sleep-together-charles-baby-1 bearded-dragon-cat-friendship-sleep-together-charles-baby-32 bearded-dragon-cat-friendship-sleep-together-charles-baby-31 bearded-dragon-cat-friendship-sleep-together-charles-baby-26 bearded-dragon-cat-friendship-sleep-together-charles-baby-30