Award Winning Wildlife Photographs From Windland Smith Rice Photography Contest


In this series of incredible snaps, you are going to see the amazing and award-winning photographs one of the popular wildlife contests Windland Smith Rice photography. Wildlife photography is very difficult and interesting form of photography which involves more concentration and daringness. Wildlife photography involves in portraying both nature and animals. Here in this series, you are going to watch the award-winning photographs from the contest which are just mind-blowing and they are really beyond your imagination. The timing of the wildlife photography is very important and the photographers must give 200% of their dedication and concentration in capturing the perfect shots. Here in this series, you can see the award-winning shots it is one of the most respected awards in the wildlife photography. 2017 Grand Prize winner Lakshitha Karunarathna and the winning picture was a pride of lioness found in the Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya. The winner of the African Wildlife was Piper Mackay with giraffes joined at the neck and it was taken in Samburu National Reserve, Kenya. Winner of the 2017 Youth photographer of the year was Ashleigh Scully with her two brown bear cubs and the picture was taken in Lake Clark National Park, Alaska. Windland Smith Rice Award celebrates the life of animals living in wild like reserve forests and conservations

1-lioness-natures-best-award-winning-photography-by-lakshitha-karunarathna.preview 2-young-bears-windland-awards-photography-by-ashleigh-scully.preview 3-deer-windland-awards-photography-by-chase-opperman.preview 4-ram-windland-awards-photography-by-josiah-launstein.preview 5-playtime-windland-awards-photography-by-louis-pattyn.preview 6-animal-windland-awards-photography-by-louis-pattyn.preview 7-prey-windland-awards-photography-by-zachary-webster.preview 8-giraffe-windland-awards-photography-by-piper-mackay.preview 9-lion-windland-awards-photography-by-amy-shutt.preview 10-thirst-windland-awards-photography-by-anna-mart-kruger.preview (1) 10-thirst-windland-awards-photography-by-anna-mart-kruger.preview 11-silhoutte-animals-windland-awards-photography-by-bence-mate.preview 12-hyena-windland-awards-photography-by-bence-mate.preview 13-flight-windland-awards-photography-by-max-waugh.preview 14-parched-windland-awards-photography-by-richard-hebhardt.preview 15-frog-windland-awards-photography-by-jaime-culebras.preview14-parched-windland-awards-photography-by-richard-hebhardt.preview