Stunning Double Exposure Tattoos By Andrey Lukonikov


In this series at incredible snaps you are going to see some amazing photographs of the double exposure tattoos by the polish artist Andrey Lukovnikov. May be double exposure is not a common thing for us but the double exposure tattoos sounds different for us. The Wroclaw –based polish tattoo artist Andrey, innovative tattoo artist is doing this he merges the ordinary insects with flowers and the results are beyond thinking. In the tattoo world this is very new and creative here are the amazing double exposure tattoo designs for you.

double-exposure-tattoos-andrey-lukovnikov-15 double-exposure-tattoos-andrey-lukovnikov-19-1 double-exposure-tattoos-andrey-lukovnikov-17 double-exposure-tattoos-andrey-lukovnikov-16 double-exposure-tattoos-andrey-lukovnikov-14 double-exposure-tattoos-andrey-lukovnikov-9 double-exposure-tattoos-andrey-lukovnikov-7 double-exposure-tattoos-andrey-lukovnikov-5 double-exposure-tattoos-andrey-lukovnikov-2-1 double-exposure-tattoos-andrey-lukovnikov-1-1