Nail Polish Turned Into Amazing Fashion Fantasy


In this series at incredible snaps you are going to see marvelous photographs of the nail polish art. This amazing and innovative nail polish art was created by Chan Clayrene. Chan is a visual artist from Singapore. Chan says “Nail polish is one of my favorite cosmetics, I love them because of its glossy shine effect, and the most inspiring thing is it gives new life to our ordinary nails! After exploring the possibilities of nail polish on my own nails or papers, I now draw my illustrations on water too! The process of drawing on water is very challenging but exciting; I could ruin my artwork anytime with a wrong stroke! Hence, it just feels like making a wish in the wishing well and the dream comes true once the artwork is completed. Through this art journey, it motivates me to dare to dream, to always inspire and to be an inspiration for others”. All the photographs are really amazing. Till now we have seen painting created through paints and other things but for the first time, i am seeing paintings created through nail polish. This is very innovative and brilliant.

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