Meet the World’s Angriest Cat Garfi

angry cat


Cat is one of the most known pet animal for the people all over the world. It is calculated that most of the people love to keep their pet as cat. Recently there are more cats which became more familiar from their expressions like  Tardar Sauce which is one of the best and most known Grumpy cat and this cat becomes most famous because of the cute and beautiful expressions which is attractive by the most.

Grafi is the on queue with the angriest expression in its face. Grafi is in Turkey and it is surrounded by the family members of Hulya Ozkok which is most expressive. His expressions on various occasions and various time is triggered and added to our showcase which helps to know more the expressison of the cats and specially Garfi. Most of the cat looks like angry but Grafi is quite more expressive and the angry looking is really amazing. Enjoy the collections of expressive angriest pet cat Grafi.