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24 Amazing Photographs Of Dogs Hugging Their Owners

Dogs are best friends for humans; in many cases, both humans and animals will find many ways to express their feeling towards each other. There is old saying but it is really an amazing saying “A hug is the shortest distance between friends” and here am giving you plenty of example which suits this saying exactly through this amazing photographs. We all know very well about the bonding of dog with its owner, here am showing you such an amazing video clips where the dogs greeting their military owners when they are returning from Gulf. It is very interesting to about the dog psychology; many dogs perceive hugs from their owners as the sign of dominance.
However, we are not convinced that the humans are larger than their dogs, so for the dogs it is much pretty whatever we do for them. However, here a simple question arises in everyone’s mind, what type of dog we like to hug? Normally we will not hug ever dogs, which we see; we have some selections like cute, small dogs and terriers, to terrifying big dogs. Majority of these dogs are very lovable and good cuddle, if you are really a great genuine dog lover then you nothing is better than giving your dog a cute hug and sharing your sofa and your cookie with them. Dogs are very friendly animals; if you love, your dogs then no one can be a best friend for you other than your dogs here are the amazing photographs, which will still increase your love on your dogs.