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Incredible Photorealistic 3D painting by Keng Lee

3D painting is one the major and special art which needs to be more realistic and work needs more concentration for the output. Major paintings of 3D is done street and what will be if is it is in sea animals and it in a bowl. I am sure it is an extremely fantastic approach but the concentration and the idea should be clear and clever.

Keng Lee one of the famous and popular 3D painters from Singapore had did the magic with his hands. One of his magic works with pebbles, bowl, and egg shell for Alive without Breath gives the extraordinary performance for the 3D paintings for the sea animal. He use the technique used by Japanese painter Riusuke Fukahori for Three-Dimensional gold fish in London for the title Goldfish Salvation which provides a new way.

The sea animals inside the bowl which illuminates the realistic and to be accept the drawing is more sensation and sure it is clear and perfect. This is an example for the photo-realistic and most of the users make the conclusion that it is photo. The fish in the bowl can be made personally for real but in 3D painting it clear the fence that makes there is no end point for the art. Here are some of the Hyper photo-realistic with high quality 3D arts for you from Keng Lee.

Source – kenglye.deviantart.com