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Underwater Photography of Dogs by Seth Casteel

Doing something is always special. In photography making some special idea will always the best. Seth Casteel is one the best award winning photographer have interest in pets and he was passionate about helping animals. Seth Casteel mission is to create the chance to human beings to adopt the pets. In 2007 he volunteered for homeless let photography and he tries to find them home, by the year 2012 he made the changes with countless adaptation.

Underwater dogs won the award in the year 2012 in which he performs the photography of the pet dogs inside water. In Los Angeles and Chicago his “Little Friends Photography” specializes the lifestyle photography for pets. He specialized the photos and all covered in his book “Underwater Dogs” and it sold and also results in millions of fans all over the world. He claims that one picture saves one life had made tremendous change in adoption of pets and also he is working with major number of adoption and rescue for pets in United Kingdom, Indonesia, Australia and United states. He supports the overpopulation of pets makes us to adopt them for their life with good family. Hope his wish come true all over the world. Some of his collection underwater dogs from him to add and spread his thoughts is for you.