Incredible artwork Made With a Pair of Scissors


Today the art work was on various types and depends on the interest on the Introducer. Hina Aoyama was one of the famous art workers who worked on scissors to present the various forms of Art. She was born on 29 December 1970 in Yokohama, Japan started her work on 2000 on the cut out of scissors. She has received many awards for her art work from scissors. Her works were recognized as the best in most of the exhibition and most of the awards which makes the world to turn on her.

She was also teaching class work regarding the technique to use the art work on scissors on various forms of her work. Her class schedule is available on her website. The work presented in the show case was the famous work from her which resulted from the patience and interest of her in the art. Using a simple scissors which was the only source and the ideas from her mind create the excellence on the paper which was fabulous and we are sure that the art may take your breath away.