Mind Blowing Oil Paintings By Tom Lovell, Hamish Blakely And Raipun


In this post at incredible snaps you are going to view the mind blowing oil paintings by Tom Lovell, Hamish Blakely And Raipun. these paintings are just marvelous and interesting. ”I consider myself a storyteller with a brush. I try to place myself back in imagined situations that would make interesting and appealing pictures. I am intent on producing paintings that relate to the human experience” – Thomas Lovell. When you look at these paintings you’ll feel the characters are really interacting with you. Silence speaks amazingly in this post. Just experience the amazing feel the oil paintings hope you’ll surely love it.

1-old-paintings-by-tom-lovell.preview 2-old-paintings-by-tom-lovell.preview 3-old-paintings-retouched-mayrhos 4-old-paintings-by-bryan 5-back-comes-bride-tom-lovell.preview 8-oil-paintings-by-whitaker 12-oil-paintings-by-whitaker 13-oil-paintings-by-whitaker 14-oil-paintings-by-whitaker.preview 15-beautiful-woman-painting-hongqing 16-painting-by-tomsierak 17-woman-paintings-by-marco-mauro.preview 18-woman-painting-by-marco-mauro.preview 19-pink-by-raipun 20-royal-feathers-by-raipun 21-sea-realistic-oil-painting-by-jim-warren.preview 22-medusa-by-raipun.preview 23-modesty-by-raipun 24-painting-by-allure-by-raipun.preview 25-nimue-lady-of-the-lake-by-raipun.preview 26-beautiful-woman-painting 27-girl-oil-painting-bouquet 28-lady-oil-painting 29-bouquet-woman-old-oil-painting 30-young-couple-oil-painting.preview