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Make up for Ants: creative and tiny paintings on eyes

In this series at incredible snaps you are going to see something special, the tiny eye makeup created by Georgina Ryland, he from Brisbane, Australia and he is a winning makeup artist. He says “Although I’ve been trained as a prosthetic and film artist, with a keen interest in body painting, I’ve discovered a rather useless application of my skill: ...

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Dancing Dazzler Sculpture by Robin Wight

Creating of dancing sculpture is not only easy but also creativity stands on the front line according to the surrounding atmosphere. Most of the people were interested in making dancing sculptures all over the world. Robin Wight is one of the most famous dancing sculpture creator who had also created some best beautiful attractive and impressive sculptures which were on ...

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Incredible artwork Made With a Pair of Scissors

Today the art work was on various types and depends on the interest on the Introducer. Hina Aoyama was one of the famous art workers who worked on scissors to present the various forms of Art. She was born on 29 December 1970 in Yokohama, Japan started her work on 2000 on the cut out of scissors. She has received ...

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Astonishing Finger Paintings by Iris Scott

Incredible snaps present some astonishing finger paintings by Iris Scott. She is musician apart from music she also creates wonderful finger paintings. She creates all these paintings with her hands and with a pair of surgical gloves, this way of paintings may sound little complicate but she really does wonders with her hand. She discovered this finger painting when she is at Thailand. She ...

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Amazing Head Boards for your Bed Rooms

Are you bored of seeing your bedrooms in old look then here you go! For an amazing option for fantastic make-over of your bed rooms. Amazing head boards for your bed rooms. This post will be an aid for you to make your bedroom like heaven. Take a look on these photographs and see how it is creative. Just think little creative and ...

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Creative Clock Designs

Its time to watch out the creative clock Designs at incredible snaps. According to me clock is one of best and great inventions of human. Clock is the oldest invention. We can come across different models of clocks starting from ancient period to present day. Some of the models attract us very much like cuckoo clocks, astronomical clocks and water ...

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Colorful and Stunning Photography

cock fight

welcome to www.incrediblesnaps.com Its my pleasure to welcome you, photograph is one of the most important thing which plays a vital role in the field of art. A good photographic image with good feel can bring some happiness while looking into it sometime a good image can also refresh our mind immediately after looking into it we can come out of ...

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