Enjoy the Beauty of Indonesia- Top 5 Places to Visit in Indonesia


Incredible snaps feel glad to present you the interesting information about the Top 5 Amazing Places in Indonesia, am sure after reading this information you will definitely plan a holiday at Indonesia. To speak about Indonesia it is a sovereign state in Southeast Asia, it is an archipelago comprising thousands of islands. Indonesia’s estimated population is of over 255 million people and it is the fourth most populous country in the world. This country is well known for its natural beauty and entertaining tourism. The prabanan and Borobudur temples, toraja and bali village are very popular for celebrating Hindu festivals. The Sumatra and Kalimantan forests are amazing tourist destination in Indonesia. Plan a tour with this famous Indonesian flights like Garuda Indonesia, Airfast Indonesia, Batik Air, Citilink etc.There are amazing destination and hotels and resorts so that you can enjoy comfortable stay at Indonesia.

Morning Sunshine by Gede Suyoga

Morning Sunshine by Gede Suyoga

Mt.Bromo , Sunrise View. by Felix Indarta

Mt.Bromo , Sunrise View. by Felix Indarta

Staring at The Face by Yudik Pradnyana

Staring at The Face by Yudik Pradnyana

Dieng Plateau, Central Java

This plateau is formed after the eruption of the mountain Prau, this is the caldera complex situated at 2000 meters above the level of sea. This location is one of the coolest locations in Indonesia, and the change in this location is easily noticeable when coming from surrounding lowlands. The most noticeable sights in this place include multicolored lake, hot spring, amazing sceneries from the top of the peak and ancient Hindu temple.


Lake Maninjau, West Sumatra

This is the beaten path from the region where many unspoiled natural wonders are still found, this lake is located in the volcanic crater, 461 meters above the sea level. To reach the final destination the journey involves negotiating 44 hairpin bends on the steep road down from the Bukittinggi. With all the twist and bends you can enjoy adventure in the riding and the amazing views over the blue lake and the other surrounding hills.


Thousand Islands, DKI Jakarta

This is the earth’s heaven and it is easily accessible from the overwhelming capital city of Jakarta, you can reach this place within 90 minutes in the speedboat from marina in Ancol lays, the beautiful Pulau Macan namely the tiger. This place is very popular for its crystal clear water, white sand, mouth watering fresh food and the great snorkeling spots which are well preserved in environment. The Tiger Island Village & Eco Resort is one of the most important resorts in the island.


Yogyakarta and Surroundings, Central Java

This is the famous hub for art, culture, and this is the culinary hub of the island of the Java. You can spend your days very interesting by exploring its streets in search of the best batik, gamelan concerts, food vendors, puppet maker, street art and much more to see in Yogyakarta.  Here you can find ninth century, one of the oldest Buddhist temples with more than the 200 relief panels and 500 Buddha statues. Here you can enjoy your evening with the beautiful performance staging the Ramayana, one of greatest Hindu epics of all time.


Komodo Island, East Nusa Tenggara

Komodo Island is the home for one of the most fascinating creatures on earth the Komodo Dragon. The dragon’s native is Indonesia, and this is only island where you can find them living in the wild. The Komodo national park is the protected site in Indonesia. With the permission of government of Indonesia tourist visit island every year.


Am sure you will love, have a jolly holiday to Indonesia!