I have something to say about landscape photography


Landscape photography is always the challenging test for the photographers but often it is the great disappointment. Most the photographers are greatly inspired by the traditional landscape paintings such as the seascapes, coastlines, mountains and waterfalls these are very popular in landscape photography. From very beginning stage to up to date, the landscape photography has been motivated by the tremendous beauty of the nature and by the ultimate desire to save the pristine purity of the nature. Today is a great day in my calendar because am sharing some amazing landscape photography and useful tips that explains more about capturing the landscape photography. I hope this article and the photographs will give more knowledge and help you to get more perfection in your work.

Whatever the image you take it must make a beautiful statement, holding mirror to the nature, doesn’t make your best. The image which doesn’t make a good statement will never express anything about your hard work. The photograph that you take must find a voice through landscapes. It will take more time for you to read and understand about the land, you have to stand still to notice many minute things that changes about land for example, how the light changes the counter and the shapes of the land, as the sun moves it will light the forest and streams in a different way. There are several minute things you have to notice when you start capturing the landscape photography.


It will take more time for you to realize many things, most important thing you must notice in landscape is that light creates the mood and emotion and it will give its own voice in the landscape photography. The land is the huge canvas on which the light paints complex and more delicate pictures. Get up early; you have a great choice between dawn and the sunset according to me sunrise is always best, it doesn’t mean am against the sunset. Both have a great advantages and disadvantages. Dawn light is always surprising and you will never know what you are going to take in darkness, getting photographs in darkness is like a wildlife photography you might get what you want for years or you might not get anything out of it. For a talented landscape photographer it is always better to keep an eye on the weather forecast because you are very lucky if you live in a area which have cold nights and clear skies so you have great chance to capture wonderful cloud and vapour effects which will disappear when the world wakeup.

Landscape photography is very difficult because there is no way to control the light balance in this field. ND filters may help you sometimes but not for all location you choose.

You can make use of the planning software which are very important for the field trips, such as the photography ephemeris, this is an amazing tool that helps you to choose any location in the world , at any time , on any date and it exactly shows where the sun will be. You can even plan when the best time and day to go to particular location is and you can also decide the exact spot to take the shot. If you are very serious about landscape photography profession then this tool is must for you. Don’t try and paint the landscape photography with camera. Apart from everything clearly decide what your interest on landscape photography is and compose and edit your shots in the way that allows the land to speak in its own amazing voice. Here are amazing examples of the landscape photography have look on it and enjoy it.