Double Exposure Photographs By Alexis, He Merges Two World Into One


In this series at incredible snaps you will see the amazing photographs that were created by merging two worlds into one. This amazing creation was created by Alexis, 18 year old who live in Paris. He practiced digital double exposure and he loves art, he recently started digital work for getting better quality in his work. Usually he spends 3 to 4 hours to make one double exposure and he loves to create unique piece of art with full of details. He tries to give different types of things in every photograph and he work very hard to obtain fine results. He says “I can spend an hour looking at my finished work just to make sure there are no mistakes. When I start a creation I say to myself: Don’t do like others, do something different, do something that no one has seen, and then I start my creation with some music in my ears, just doing what I love. Here are the amazing creations of Alexis watch and enjoy it.

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