Dog Lost His Best Friend Due To Cancer, Now He Got His New Best Friend


In this series at incredible snaps you are going to view amazing photographs that tells you amazing friendship story about the cat, ginger and the dog Forsberg. These two are best friends; the cat was put down because of the thyroid cancer at the age of 15. The dog was looking for his favorite buddy everywhere but he couldn’t find him. So finally his owner Jen Philion decided to get him a new kitty by thinking that could help him. Now the problem solved. “Forsberg really missed having a cat,” Philion wrote on Reddit. “Problem solved!” he added as he posted the photo of the new feline. Forsberg embraced the new kitty friend with all of his paws and has never let go ever since. One year has passed and the two are inseparable. Now finally the sad story turned into lovely story again, here are the amazing moments of the new kitty and Forsberg.

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