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Photographs of Mandalas by Kathy Klein

Its time to take a look on mind blowing photographs of mandalas by kathy klein. She is an arizona based artist and devout lover of plants,animals and people and also in all were deviod is present. By entering into a meditative devotional space she creates the wonderful danmalas. The word danmalas refers to giving garland of flowers it is a sanskrit term. She gathers ...

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Light Painting Photography by Janne Parviainen

Light painting of janne parviainen

Incrediblesnaps like to show the Light painting of Finland-based photographer Janne Parviainen. He got a creative idea to tracing entire rooms with one LED and the output is extraordinary. He named this new series as “Light Topography”. It takes more than half an hour to create such a long exposure photograph . Light painting photography uses different light sources during ...

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Collection of Crystals

Incredible snaps brings you a stunning photographs of crystals. Before going to photographs lets know what is crystals and crystal meaning. Crystal is a solid material and it constitutes atoms,molecules or ions. Crystallography is a study of crystals.Crystallization is a process of crystal growth. We can find may crystal objects which are really awesome in nature even there is crystal mall ...

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Stunning Photos of Golden Fireflies in Japan

stunning photos of golden fireflies in Japan

Its time to take a look on fabulous long exposure photography by yuki karo. He is a specialist in both wedding and portrait photography. He went around Maniwa and okayama to absurd this excellent results. This gold fireflies in Japan was captured between June and July rainy reason.These photographs are looks like fantasy and magical feel. Hope you love his excellent work in long exposure ...

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20 Cute Parrot Pictures

Its time to take a look on lovable and cute photographs of parrot at incredible snaps. Parrots are the most lovable pets all love to keep that in houses. It is also known as Psittacines. We can find Large diversity of parrots in Australia and South America. In India we use species like Indian see neck parrot, Indian green parrot. African ...

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Beautiful Wedding Photography

wedding by Denis Bogomolov

Its a great pleasure to present the beautiful photographs of wedding at incredible snaps. Wedding is a beginning of beautiful part of life.Wedding really means lot in each and every ones life. It locks two hearts as one with endless love. Marriage comes only once in life time we expect everything what we select for our marriage should be very ...

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Jewellery photography

Incredible snaps presents the most gorgeous and classic photographs of jewelers. One of thing which is loved most forever by women is jewelers but now a days even guys love wear it. This jeweler making is really a fantastic art which involves a good innovative skills. The jewellery maker must need a good creative skill to make fine design.We can ...

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Pictures of Sand

Incredible snaps presents some different and mind blowing photographs of sand. Sand is one of important and precious treasure of nature. Sand is rough mixture of various rock particles its particular range is approximately 0.02 to 2 mm. We all know how sand looks but we can see various colors in sand like red sand, black sand etc. Everyone love sand ...

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