Big Banyan Tree Photographs


The Banyan or Banian tree is an epiphyte which means the plant growing from other plant. Banyan is the national tree of India. It can grow up in semi warm temperature which is known as fig, the word Banyan means merchant in Gujarati one of the Indian language and Portuguese picks up this word to refer Indian traders or merchants in earlier days.
It is used as an example by Sir Mark Moody Stuart and Royal Dutch Shell for interdependence which is an award winning documentary since the tree which stays as an example. The old tree according to me is in Kolkata in India which is known as The Great Banyan and it is said to be it was about 250 years old. Another one is said to be Doda Alada Mara which is in Bangalore, India is about covered 3 achres of land. These stay as an example of giving to new and so on in the history.
The tree are also takes part in Medicine like bark and buds are useful in arresting secretion or bleeding, the fruit for swelling pain and the latex of banyan with the combination of milk which helps for piles, the roots for the sterility in female, roots can be used for cleaning teeth helps in gum problems and much more.
There are more messages which known for some and unknown for many are sharing the knowledge, inheritance, useful, medication and follow up which stands as a message from Banyan Tree which can be understand by its growth and history that stays here.