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Beautiful Lotus Flower Photos

Incredible snaps present the amazing photographs of lotus. Lotus is an amazing flower and the very important is, it is the national flower of India. And another one special feature of lotus is, though it is in dirty water it is used for good purposes. So it is for defining character of a person too. Lotus is in many different colours. one of popular colour is pink, if we just see a pond full of definitely it just give some happiness for us. In many of the temples in India we can such an amazing beauty.In India this flower is used more for goddess Saraswathi and Lakshmi. lotus just stands for purity. we just sit in front of it we never know the time. It will attract in such a way. Not only in temples but also in many places we can see lotus in ponds. Now a day in houses also they started growing lotus in garden. Really it gives a different look for your garden. Here you can see some of the beautiful photographs of lotus flower photos hope you all will love it.