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Happy Indian Independence Day : An introduction

It is a day that is being celebrated in India on August 15th indicating the independence of the country from British Empire who was ruling for over 200 years of slavery. Also, this day has been declared as the National and Gazetted Holiday all across India to pay tribute and remember all the freedom fighters who had contributed a lot for the independence of India. Share the best and beautiful Independence day wallpapers in social media.

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  1. Flag Hoisting
  2. Parade
  3. Fireworks
  4. Singing patriotic songs and national anthem
  5. Speech by Prime Minister and President of India

Places in India where celebrations held

Every year on August 15th Celebrations will be going on at schools, colleges, government offices, non-government offices and residential areas and the organization of celebration and addressing will depend on the location. The more and the most important events will take place at Delhi, the Capital of India and would have begun earlier for preparing for this day.

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Arrangements for celebration at Delhi

  1. The most important celebrations are held at Red Fort, Delhi.
  2. All important roads are being dusted clean aligned with strings of miniature tri-color flags.
  3. The landmark buildings and structures are being given a blanket of lights.
  4. The stage is being set at the Red Fort for the grand event.


Apart from the above mentioned arrangements, the days leading up to the Independence Day will see increased security covering important places to ensure smooth functioning. As per 72nd Independence Day, Security was as follows

  1. The national capital, including the Red Fort from where the Prime minister will address the nation has been put under an unprecedented ground-to-air security cover.
  2. Thousands of security personnel, including 9,100 personnel from the Delhi Police, have been deployed in and around the historic Mughal Fort which will see the presence of Senior Ministers, top Bureaucrats, Foreign dignitaries and common people during PM’s address.
  3. Two dozen Parakram Vans manned by quick reaction teams of NSG-trained commandos have been stained in areas with high football to thwart any attempt by terror groups to disrupt the peace
  4. There was multi tier security in place.
  5. The area was monitored by CCTV camera and there was a multi-tier security check in place for people coming to the area.
  6. Security at the venue will be tightened and cell phones, cameras, food, water bottles, lighters, handbags, etc are strictly prohibited.

The security is not only maintained in Delhi. Apart from Delhi, most of the places of India are highly secured for peaceful Independence Day celebration.

72nd happy independence day wallapapers

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Sequential Events carried out on Independence Day

  1. As soon as the crowd is gathered at the particular location like Schools, Colleges, Residential areas, hoisting of tricolor Flag by someone followed by National Anthem (JANA GANA MANA…….) will take place.
  2. Then someone from the crowd will address the Nation by extending the speech about freedom fighters involved in the independence of India and the efforts they have taken to overcome the war.
  3. They will also give speech, how India got independence so that children and adults who do not know about the independence will get to know which will be a great path to feel proud of nation and also the importance of independence.
  4. Next sweets will be shared among one another as an indication of rejoice and everyone will be holding flags either in hand or on the dress or in vehicles with proud.
  5. It is followed by cultural activities and prize distribution
  6. Finally it will end with the vote of thanks for gathering.


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Sequential Events carried out on Independence Day at Delhi

  1. The event starts at the PM arrival and proceeds to the most important aspect-the Flag hoisting ceremony at the Red Fort.
  2. Finally when flag sways in the air, is a moment when the patriotic pride resonates with everyone present and it is followed by an honorary 21 gunshots and the resonating pride amplifies when everyone stands in respect for the National Anthem.
  3. After this, it’s time for  the Prime Minister’s speech; he speaks about the achievements, development and goodwill of the past year also reminisces the leaders of the freedom struggle, acknowledges the strength of our army and faith of the general public
  4. Apart from these, a lot of events put together to showcase the spirit of India. Events are as follows,
  1. March past of the army
  2. Famous art forms of different states
  3. Traditions and cultures
  4. Scenes of freedom struggle illustrated through drama picture
  1.   Then at the end of celebrations, the President of India gives his speech.

In a similar way, celebrations take place in every state by the addressing and unfurling the flag of the chief minister of the particular state.


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Sign of Independence Day in India

The sky all over India becomes full of countless kites of various sizes, shapes, styles, and shades. Some of them become tricolor symbolize India’s flag. Even most of them will be wearing tricolor clothes. Another symbol of Independence Day is the Red Fort where the first Indian Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, unfurled the Indian flag on August 15th, 1947.


Highlights of Independence Day

Though India is a huge country but only 1 Licensed Flag production. Khadi Development and village industries commission are authorized for making the glorious flag of India. The Karnataka Khadi Gramodyog Samyuktha Sangha in Dharwad is the only maker of India flag.