Amazing 3D characters by Carlos Ortega Elizalde


If you have great passion about 3D animations, then this will give you some pleasure and excitement by watching this amazing 3D animation characters photographs by Carlos Ortega Elizalde, she is a very talented and highly passionate about her profession. Her aim was to become an archaeologist or geologist, from childhood she developed this idea in her mind but guidance from one her friend motivated her to enter in this creative world of animations, later she fell in love with the career and created many marvelous work. She was working for an advertising agency by doing flash and web stuff but at that time itself she had her own 3D projects which was running at her leisure time. Later one of her friend invited her join the upcoming projects at the university where her friend was working at that moment. That project involved 3D animated sequence at that time her first big project was 3D and dinosaurs. Then she got a full time job in Guanajuato University, here in Mexico. She love the step by step process of creating all the animated characters and here are the few amazing work done by her enjoy it.