25 Excellent Digital art Painting by Katarina Sokolova


Incredible snaps brings out an excellent digital art painting by Katarina Sokolova, for the first time am seeing such an amazing digital art painting which makes us to open our eyes but not close after seeing it. Katarina is young and very talented digital artists from Kiev, Ukraine her illustrations are published in high-profile publications such as imagine FX, Art Scene International Magazine etc. her work was also appeared in many popular magazine. Since from the age of six she had a interest of painting in workshop of painters union. She started a batik which includes unimaginable magic of colors on the silk. After that she started doing graphics and then she spent her entire eleven years in the incredible world of colors that made her life. She started discovering the potentials of computer graphics, she used wacom tablet to create all her amazing digital paintings. Her creativity created and amazing world around her, she made it also. She also loves to work movies hobbit and the hunger games. Here watch out the amazing photos by Katarina.

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