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Flying Fox Photos

grey headed flying fox

The flying fox is tree dwelling bats, which is an efficient flyers and tree climbers is one of the amazing creatures which is referred as Pteropus technically. There are various types of flying foxes all over the world and each is different in its genre. In a report, it is noted that the extinction is very low since there is ...

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Beautiful Children Photos by Lisa Holloway

child girl

Lisa Holloway is a globally distributed, grant winning compelling artwork picture photographic artist dwelling in provincial Northwestern Arizona. A Canon young lady since the very first moment, Lisa is totally self trained and works solely with characteristic light. Here are her late attempts to catch delightful snippets of youngsters’ life. Source

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25 Cute Dandelion Nail Art Designs

nail art

Incredible snaps likes to showcase the beatiful and Cute Dandelion Nail Art Designs for you. A Cute white shaded dandelion over brilliant slopes shines. The petals are scattered all the nails like passed up the wind. A dandelions is a standout among the most lovely blooms that we can see today. It has an eminent shading and basically emerges on ...

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Creative Cartoon lip Art by Laura Jenkinson

lion make up

Cartoon lip-art has won London cosmetics artist Laura Jenkinson an extensive web taking after. She utilizes showy cosmetics and incidentally lipstick to make her representations, which have incorporated any semblance of Roger Rabbit and the Lion King. Jenkinson’s motivation and method are shockingly straightforward: “She is fabulous make-up specialists on Instagram and she needed to do something comparable and on ...

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Best Luxury Hotels in Sydney

luxury hotel in sydney

Sydney is one of the most famous city in Australia, which holds the name of the world’s largest natural harbor. Sydney also holds the most famous place of tourism, historic places, sports and many other important activities. People used to travel to Sydney to enjoy their vacation days, watch sports and more fun activities with friends and families. There is ...

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30 Beautiful Winding of Mandala Tattoo Designs

mandala tattoo designs

There are several types of Tattoos and each and every form has, it is an own conspiracy theory. Today in our showcase we have added the conspiracy theory of Mandala tattoos, which is used from the ancient days. According to Sanskrit, mandala means circle which is a spiritual representation of Hindus, Christians and Buddhism and the it also the representation ...

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Beautiful Pictures of Delicious pizzas


Pizza is an oven-baked flat bread for the most part finished with tomato sauce and cheddar. It is regularly supplemented with a choice of meats, vegetables and toppings. The term was initially recorded in the 10th century, in a Latin original copy from Gaeta in Central Italy. The current pizza was designed in Naples, Italy, and the dish and its ...

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Diamond Nights of Trees by Beth Moon


World is very beautiful with full of secrets some secrets are revealed but most of the secrets are still mystery. Especially in the night, the trees and the starts are different. Beth Moon is one of the famous photographer performed the interesting work on analyzing the life of the trees and the day light effects with the social environmental condition ...

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