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Creative! Self-Taught Photographer Finds Different And Stunning Way To Shoot Wedding Reflected On Rings

You might have seen many different types of wedding photographs but this is extremely amazing and unique, the creative photographer  Peter Adams-Shawn has taken the wedding photography to the beyond the extreme level of creativity. These wedding photographs are the reflection on the ring and he call these photographs as “Ringscapes”. Adams has been experimenting these types shots since from ...

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Ballet Dancers On The Streets Of Cuba

In this series you are going to watch out the amazing dance photographs photographed by Omar Robles. This are the photographs of the ballet dancers who are some of the best dancers of world, these dancers are practicing the ballet dance on the streets of Cuba. The photographer says “dancers are just some of the best dancers in the world,” ...

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Amazing Photographs Of Bonsai Trees

In this series at incredible snaps you are going to see the amazing photographs of the bonsai trees. These trees are always awesome and have some amazing specialty and craze. They look very beautiful, they fill your house with happiness, encourages patience and dedication. They also relive stress more than all they help to purify the air that comes into ...

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Sizzling Photographs Of Wedding Dresses Made Of Papers Based On Different Nationalities

Incredible snaps presents the amazing photographs of wedding dresses that is completely made out of papers. These amazing art work was done by Asya Kozina  the artist says “Once I was approached by a brand of underwear in order to make image-shooting for wedding clothes. Wedding suit should hide the bride from the groom in almost all the cultures. In ...

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Make up for Ants: creative and tiny paintings on eyes

In this series at incredible snaps you are going to see something special, the tiny eye makeup created by Georgina Ryland, he from Brisbane, Australia and he is a winning makeup artist. He says “Although I’ve been trained as a prosthetic and film artist, with a keen interest in body painting, I’ve discovered a rather useless application of my skill: ...

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Sexy And Cool Curly Hairstyles For 2016

In this series at incredible snaps you are going to see some interesting, sexy and cool curly hairstyles for 2016. Curly hairs are always stunning at any women. These styles will give some chunky look to the girls. Even these days girls like to make curly hairstyles even though they have straight silky hairs. Curly hairstyle will create the perfect ...

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