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30 Beautiful Indian Independence Day Wallpapers

Independence Day 2019 in India will be different from the past I-day celebrations. Yes, this is Modi government once again, and the people of this nation expect more on this day. What he promises on the I-day speech realizes in the real-world. Yet, the people of India too in full rejoice to do it differently. Here, we have discussed the ...

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The 10 Best Photography Spots in Florida

Whether you’re an amateur photographer, a professional, or looking for the best Instagram post, finding great photography spots in Florida isn’t hard. The Sunshine State, filled with sandy beaches, cypress groves, and beautiful wildlife, has plenty of breathtaking views and landscapes to capture. Here’s our collection of the ten best photography spots Florida has to offer. 1. Everglades National Park ...

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Traditional Lands of South India That Everyone Must Visit!

Some places are truly mesmerizing and a visual treat for your eyes. One such place is South India where many traditional temples are located. The magnificent monuments, unique architecture, awesome sculpture and above all the never-ending culture are featured by the South Indian temples. From the temples built by the kings in ancient days to the temples built by the ...

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Most Romantic Places in Italy

In recent years, the number of people traveling alone has increased significantly. You can find a lot of reasons why, but the fact remains the same. We go on a trip without friends,  colleagues, beloved ones very often, and therefore often we have to find a company on the spot. And in this case, Dating.com can be a great help, ...

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The Best Thoughts on Finding Your Own Illustration Style

Each illustrator always a unique style that shows in almost all of their work. Although they remain innovative and come up with authentic work for each client, there is always that one or more style they maintain in their work. This style is usually as unique as a singer’s voice. However, illustrators have to train to create their style in ...

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20 Pieces of Photorealistic Digital Art That Will Dazzle You

Stalemate by Luis Deckard

Designing realistic human forms has long been a prized goal of the world’s digital artists. Small details made us realize whether the person we were looking at was real or simply a 3D model. Now better design techniques, modeling software improvements and more powerful hardware are enabling 3D designers and artists to render models that are almost indistinguishable from real-life ...

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Travel Tips for Deaf Couples

More than 13 million people in the US today suffer from complete or partial hearing loss. Obviously, it’s no benefit; people get used to it and adapt, yet it’s never good or beneficial. Yet people live with such issues and strife for a full life, just like every other person.  “Blindness separates from things. Deafness separates from people,” said once the German philosopher Immanuel Kant. These ...

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