Wildlife photography by Marina Cano


Wildlife photography was one of the most and beautiful artwork of a photographer. Dedication, patience are much needed for a wildlife photographer when compared to other photographers. Marina Cano was one of the best and international award winner photographers; she was a landscape and wild life photographer from Cantabaria in Northern Spain. Her works were fantastic and inspirited photographs.

Her photography were famous all over world, her photography speaks more about her dedication, patience which is most needed for a wildlife photographer. Her work was more beautiful and they were awesome photographs. She also published two books, Cabárceno, was the one which was published in 2009 from her photographs which were taken in Europe and the other one was Drama & Intimacy, which was limited edition from the pictures taken in South Africa, Kenya, England and Cabarceno. Some of her best and beautiful wildlife photographs are added in our showcase which will make mind blow and express the world of wildlife animals.