Shopping with their Ladies is really Miserable for Men


Hello… If any men seeing these photograph am sure you must be experienced this before, shopping is one of favorite hobby of ladies but boring time for men. Parody Instagram account shares the truthful photos of the men who came to shopping with their ladies. Of course shopping is done by ladies but cards and purse will become empty for men. If ladies are shopping they forget the time and keep on selecting things for them but these poor men will wait for them like a watchman, some will sleep in mall. Here in these series you will see the men who are waiting for their ladies at shopping mall. In the first picture you see men are waiting out the shopping mall. In the second picture you will the men who are looking very frustrated in the mall. In the third pic the pity men slept in the mall with all covers on the hand. One side this make really a great fun but on the other side feel pity of men, anyways ladies will not change their shopping style and men have to bare this for all time. Here see some of the photos of such pity scene.