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Stunning Dia De Los Muertos make up art

Stunning Photographs Dia De Los Muertos make up art

Incredible snaps presents the scary and stunning photographs of Dia De Los Muertos make up art. When I saw these photographs for the first time it scared me and then it fetched me some interesting art and creativity in it. Actually Dia De Los Muertos is the day of dead sounds little morbid but it is true. It is the Halloween tradition and ...

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Stunning Photographs of Bald Eagle

Incredible snaps presents the stunning photographs of  Bald eagle. The bald eagle which is found predominantly in North America is also known as the American bald eagle. The bird gets its name from its bald white head. It is both the national bird and of the national animal United States of America. The national flag of the USA has the picture of bald eagle on ...

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Nature Photography by Lars Van De Goor

Incredible snaps presents the amazing photographs of Lars Van De Goor. These are the stunning pictures of nature. These are one of the best nature photographs, which we share for you all. Nature always have a power of attracting eyes. We just feel every young and energetic when we see any natural scenes live or in any amazing photographs. The artist was born ...

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25 Stunning Photographs of Rhinoceros

Incredible snaps present the stunning photographs of rhinoceros. It is also called as rhino, it is the herbivore and it has a very thick skin layer. Normally rhinoceros reach up to one ton of weight. Rhino are divided into two they are Indian and javan rhinoceros. There are also white and black rhinoceros. Indian rhinoceros are single horn rhinoceros. It is also of ...

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35 Amazing photographs of Birds’ Nests

Incredible snaps present the photographs of birds nest. Nest is place where bird lay eggs and live in nest, not only birds but also some invertebrates also construct nest. Birds build nest by using twigs, leaves and grass. Birds collect all these one by one to build nest. In my childhood I use to see birds carrying these twigs and grass in beak, ...

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Onam Festival Photos

This is the month of festivals, south Indians are busy in celebrating festivals one by one. Now am going to share some interesting information’s about popular festival of Kerala, which is nothing but onam. Onam is an auspicious occasion celebrated in kerala. This is one of the important festivals for keralians. They celebrate it in a grand manner. Last year ...

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Stunning Photographs of Kingfisher Bird

Incredible snaps present the stunning photographs of kingfisher bird. The common kingfisher is also called as Eurasian kingfisher or river kingfisher. We can see these kingfishers nearby river side’s. This bird will look like sparrow typically short tailed and large headed bird. It has glossy white legs the main prey of this bird is fish. It will catch its prey ...

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Incredible Artwork made from Spilled Liquid

Drawing is one of the great arts all over the world. The types of paintings differ in various forms and they are many. Drawing with the spilled liquid is one of them, in which the paintings are drawn from the food items that spilled out. Vivi Mac was one of the best painters who use to paint using the various ...

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