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Stunning Photographs of Bald Eagle

Incredible snaps presents the stunning photographs of  Bald eagle. The bald eagle which is found predominantly in North America is also known as the American bald eagle. The bird gets its name from its bald white head. It is both the national bird and of the national animal United States of America. The national flag of the USA has the picture of bald eagle on ...

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35 Amazing photographs of Birds’ Nests

Incredible snaps present the photographs of birds nest. Nest is place where bird lay eggs and live in nest, not only birds but also some invertebrates also construct nest. Birds build nest by using twigs, leaves and grass. Birds collect all these one by one to build nest. In my childhood I use to see birds carrying these twigs and grass in beak, ...

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Stunning Photographs of Kingfisher Bird

Incredible snaps present the stunning photographs of kingfisher bird. The common kingfisher is also called as Eurasian kingfisher or river kingfisher. We can see these kingfishers nearby river side’s. This bird will look like sparrow typically short tailed and large headed bird. It has glossy white legs the main prey of this bird is fish. It will catch its prey ...

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25 Beautiful Love Birds Pictures

Beautiful love birds !!! Can you imagine a world without birds ? No, never. Birds are the gift of God . They play vital roles in human life : they not only make the world look beautiful but also provide free refreshment. Have you ever enjoyed the chirping sound of birds in your lonely hours ? It’s amazing to see ...

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Amazing Bird Photography by Sompob Sasismit

Thailand is one which has the specialty for Birds. There are about 982 species of bird recorded. Thailand has the Indomalaya ecozone which attracts the birds and provide the suitable condition and atmosphere for the bird to live their life. Some rare species of birds which is exploding at the country side can be found. The country has the guidance ...

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Stunning Pictures of Owl Bird

Its time take a look on stunning pictures of owl Bird at incredible snaps. Owl is very intelligent bird. The highlight of owl is its eyes and very sharp claws. Owl hunts its prey only at night times because the eye sight of owl is very sharp at night times. It’s very rare to see owls flying at day time. Owl is a ...

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Colorful and Beautiful Pictures of Peacock

hundred eyes by Christie King

Incredible snaps proudly presents the photographs of peacocks. Peacock the name itself defines the eternal beauty and combination of excellent colors in it. Peacock is a very intelligent bird it finds out any natural calamities easily like if it is going to them peacock may know earlier and make some different sort of sound. Male one is called peacock and ...

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