Amazing Bird Photography by Sompob Sasismit


Thailand is one which has the specialty for Birds. There are about 982 species of bird recorded. Thailand has the Indomalaya ecozone which attracts the birds and provide the suitable condition and atmosphere for the bird to live their life. Some rare species of birds which is exploding at the country side can be found. The country has the guidance tour to see the different types of birds for the vacation visitors or business visitor. The 1/10 species of birds are in Thailand which proves the reason to have the guide for the birds to the visitors. Photographer Sompob Sasismit, a native photographer has shared some of the beautiful bird’s photo which makes you feel and know about the bird’s world. I am sure that the photographer will really enjoyed while clicking on these wild animals who mostly work among the national parks. I am sure that you will also have the same enjoyment with the photos that shared here for you.