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Amazing animal paper cut outs using nature

There is no limit for creativity and imaginative thinking. Here am going to share with such type of amazing imaginative and creative photographs. Can you see nature through animals? Yes you can see it through the talent of Nikolai Tolstyh’s silhouettes. He cuts the animal outline by using the sheet of paper and then he photographs the nature through that ...

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Dennis Fast Captures Polar Bears Playing In Flower Fields

We once in a while see polar bears outside of a cold Arctic environment, yet these bears are no outsiders to having a fabulous time in the mid year! In an uncommon arrangement of pictures by Canadian picture taker Dennis Fast, these white titans are seen skipping in a field of fireweed. The photographs were taken in Northern Canada’s Hudson ...

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Kids Dreams Captured By Rhiannon Logsdon

The kids in her photos are changed into animals of imagination, similar to pixies (one young lady even turned into the Red Riding Hood). Others simply get the opportunity to experience things like riding a dinosaur. Everybody knows kids are inclined toward dinosaur rides! Rhiannon Logsdon is a photographic artist from Austin, Texas. She has some expertise in maternity, infant ...

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Beautiful Squirrel With A Tiny Umbrella To Protect Itself From Rain

A squirrel taking asylum under a scaled down umbrella is the most recent expansion to London photographic artist Max Ellis’ portfolio. He’s succeeded posturing squirrels with items some time recently, including pumpkins, however getting one to posture in the downpour was troublesome. Ellis’ answer? Covering the umbrella in sunflower seeds and nutty spread before hanging it on angling line. “He ...

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Marutaro Adorable Hedgehog Funny Paper Faces

Marutaro Adorable

Today Marutaro was one of the most famous Hedgehog and most of the internet users know about him. If not you can know about him here. He was living with in Japan which his wife Okomesan and his daughter Kinoko. As of now Marutaro have about 47000 followers on twitter and about 27000 on vine. He was most famous Hedgehog; ...

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Beautiful Photography of Animals and their Babies

Photography on various aspects was really awesome creativity. Animal photography was one of the most beauties and today in our showcase we plan to collect the beauty of animals with their baby which proves that the art of animal photography was really fabulous. It is not easy to take photography of animals with their babies, but the risk of the ...

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Real and Amazing Photographs of Katerina Plotnikova

Incredible snaps present you an Real and Amazing Photographs of Katerina Plotnikova, she is an experimental photographer based on Moscow, Russia. In this series, you will the photographs of girls with animals. You have to believe that these animals are the real animals and the girls really stood with animals for giving us these types of wonderful pictures. The girls ...

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Cute and Lovable Sleeping Cat Photographs

Incredible snaps likes to showcase Cute and Lovable Sleeping Cat Photos. Are you a cat lover, do you love the silly activities of cat then this is the good treat for you to take a look in these beautiful pictures of cat doing silly actions. Shironeko cat living in japan this is also known as cat people leave comfortably in the ...

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