Marutaro Adorable Hedgehog Funny Paper Faces

Marutaro Adorable


Today Marutaro was one of the most famous Hedgehog and most of the internet users know about him. If not you can know about him here. He was living with in Japan which his wife Okomesan and his daughter Kinoko. As of now Marutaro have about 47000 followers on twitter and about 27000 on vine. He was most famous Hedgehog; he was famous because of his impressive video and photos.

Hedgehog was the name for the mammal species came out of year 1450 which was derived from Middle English heyghoge. They were easily identified by their spines which have hallowed hairs made stiff with keratin. Particular about Marutaro was about his favorite dress up and his owner was more creative with crayons and involves Marutaro for more impressive and attractive. This was one of the extraordinary thinking and creativity from his owner that made Marutaro Hedgehog to be famous over the internet users of Japan and now this fire grows all over the internet. Today in our showcase we have added some of the most attractive dress up and activities of Marutaro. Hope he attract you too.