stunning! The guardians of the forest inspired by Miyazaki


incredible snaps are very happy to present the amazing photographs Arbori, this amazing creation is made by the Emily Coleman. Arbori is really an amazing creature of all the shapes and sizes that blend with the different landscapes on the planet. Emily says “I have a very strong passion for the environment and the protection of the world’s forests. As I began showing my tree dragons, I realized they could help me spread this passion. The tree dragons became guardians of the forest, keeping out all that seek to harm it. The dragons are linked symbiotically with the forests they protect and share the same life force”. Her cast pieces are sculpted in the monster clay, molded with the silicon and casted in the urethane resin. These are really amazing models. She sculpted the original arbori which is called as the forest spirit. All these sculptures are just mind blowing hope you’ll surely love it.

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