Photo Manipulations by Claudia McKinney


Today i like to showcase the awesome Photo Manipulations by Claudia McKinney “Phatpuppy Art”. Many back cover was designed by Claudia Mckinney. Her works was always fantasic and she works for the best known authors like Samantha Young, Karice Bolton and the list goes on. Her works makes not only on the back cover but also in to more fans.She have a website that call Phatpuppy Art. Claudia Mckinney first book called “Light beneath Ferns” by Anne Spollen for Lwellelyn Publishing makes the larger attraction which creates the identity into the field of digital art.
Claudia Mckinney idea and presence of mind which relates to hot of the day stands on the record for her creativity. She had created more than 300 book covers for the famous authors and one for her cover book art for Samantha Young is in number 30 on the NYT best seller list which is one of the best achieve of her creativity. Claudia Mckinney creates each and every book cover with new idea and new thought according to the story and she creates a fantastic digital art for the book with the attraction. Her work will needed by more authors and some her digital art from various book covers is for you in our showcase.

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Phatpuppy Art