Mind Blowing Funny Pencil Drawings By Adonna Khare


Adonna Khare is one of the popular and talented artists from Southern California.  she is one of the popular pencil drawing artist and her prime focus in pencil shade drawings that portray the funniest drawing of animals. In this post of incredible snaps, you are going to see her amazing and funniest pencil drawings. At the first look, you’ll not stop your laughing. Ever since she was three years old she started drawing and her parents stood as an unbreakable encouragement for her. She completed Masters in Fine Art from California State University. her work has been collected by many prestigious people throughout the world. According to Adonna biography, “A lot of my work deals with the absurdities of life. Juxtaposing predator and prey conveys a change of context, it brings the viewers in to really think about their understanding of not only the animals but those that are around them. The Elephant pieces have to do with the weight that we carry around in our lives. I consider all these beasts of burden, symbolizing the human condition” I just love her funny pencil drawings I hope the same feeling from you

1-lion-funny-drawing-by-adonna-khare.preview (1) 2-bird-funny-drawing-by-adonna-khare.preview 3-best-friends-funny-drawing-by-adonna-khare.preview 4-cleaning-funny-drawing-by-adonna-khare.preview 5-tortoise-funny-drawing-by-adonna-khare.preview 6-owl-house-funny-drawing-by-adonna-khare.preview 7-puppet-funny-drawing-by-adonna-khare.preview 8-hippo-funny-drawing-by-adonna-khare.preview 9-bear-funny-drawing-by-adonna-khare.preview 10-rabbit-funny-drawing-by-adonna-khare.preview 11-seal-funny-drawing-by-adonna-khare.preview 12-rabbit-funny-drawing-by-adonna-khare.preview 13-monkey-funny-drawing-by-adonna-khare.preview 14-owl-funny-drawing-by-adonna-khare.preview 15-fox-funny-drawing-by-adonna-khare.preview 16-elephant-mask-funny-drawing-by-adonna-khare.preview 17-hippo-funny-drawing-by-adonna-khare.preview