Happy Eid Mubarak Wallpapers


Incredible snaps take a great pleasure of sharing the photographs of Ramadan. Ramadan is the religious festival of Muslims. This festival is also called Ramadan. This is celebrated worldwide by Muslims, they fast for the whole month i.e. morning to evening they will be in fasting and they take food after Namaz at the evening. They take food after sunset and before sunrise. They will have different varieties of food and drinks after sunset. They also prayers daily they recitation of Quran is done without fail every day. They celebrate Ramadan during the new moon day. By seeing the new moon mark they celebrate the festival and they wish each and everyone and share the delicious dishes of ramazan. The costumes of females will be very colorful during ramzan. Ramadan increases the prayer and they pray five times a day. They generosity and compulsory charity is vital thing of Ramadan. During this festival all the friends and relatives get together have food and enjoy themselves. Here you can see some of amazing photographs of Ramadan.