Creative Moth and Butterfly using Fluffy Textile by Yumi Okita


Creation is the most needed and expected in the real world which results on the imagination of the creator. There are more creators in this world and there an expressive result on imagination is very impressive. Yumi Okita is one of the most famous and best creators which is proved from his work on Textile Moth and Butterfly. Yumi add the imagination of Moth and Butterfly using textile, embroider works, stitches and much more. the creation of these insects is little large size which is about foot wide according to the internet resources and it looks like a big one which is not real makes the viewers happy. The work and imagination behind the textile sculpture is really amazing which is appreciated by most of the artist. Yumi is based on North Carolina and the work related on textile moth and butterfly goes viral over internet for the week.

Today in our showcase we have added some of the beautiful, mind blowing work by Yumi Okita on amazing textile moth and butterfly and also proud to share that our team become a fan of artist yumi Okita. Hope you will be the next. Add your thoughts and ideas about creativity.