40 Beautiful Collection of Incredible Lotus Flowers


Lotus is the most the beautiful flower which is most famous in India which also holds various names including Sacred Lotus, Bean of India, and Indian Lotus. When compared to other flowers lotus is different from its growth. The lotus flowers is plotted in lake, pond or river bottom which leaves the green leaves and flowers on the water surface and the roots are really mingled with one another and the normal person who locked with the flowers is really tough to come alive since it is hard to come out of it. the flowers can live for more than thousands of years according to the researchers when it is on the stem. The lotus flower has the capability to adopt the temperature as human which proves that their individuality. There are variety of uses from lotus flowers and its stem like herbal tea, providing salad and the leaves as well and much more. On the part of cultural it holds some secret with the divide according to the Hindu religion.

Today in our showcase we have added variety form of lotus flowers including various colors collected over internet for our special viewers and we are sure it explains the beauty of nature. This flower is also added to the most of the religious festivals for various religions all over the world. come and join with the us into the Journey of the Beautiful Lotus Garden collections. Hope it makes your eyes cool and also relieves you from your stress. If so, add your comments.












































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