Best Raja Ravi Varma Traditional Paintings


This series of incredible snaps is going to be very interesting. This series is going to share the best part of Raja Ravi Varma’s traditional paintings. He is an Indian artist from Kerala. He was very popular for his portrayal scenes from the epic sagas of Mahabharata and Ramayana. He was born in the year 1848 at Killimanoor and lived till 1906. He was considered as one of the great painters from India.  His paintings are considered as the fusion of Indian tradition and European techniques. His representation of a saree clad woman in his oil paintings perfectly portrays the life of a middle-class woman and to this date they are graceful. In this series, I have shared a beautiful collection of Indian paintings by Raja Ravi Varma for your inspiration. Many of Raja Ravi Varma paintings are displayed in the Laxmi Vilas Palace at Vadodara. Did you know that one of the craters in the moon is named after this popular Indian artist Raja Ravi Varma? As an act of honor, the Kerala government awards people who excel in the field of art and culture with the “Raja Ravi Varma Puraskaram”. Enjoy the artist’s amazing creation.

1-ravi-varma-paintings 3-ravi-varma-paintings 4-milk-maid-ravi-varma-paintings 5-yashoda-krishna-ravi-varma-paintings 6-ravi-varma-paintings 7-ravi-varma-paintings 9-woman-portrait-ravi-varma-paintings 10-lady-dressing-ravi-varma-paintings 11-ravi-varma-paintings 12-ravi-varma-paintings 13-looking-mirror-ravi-varma-paintings 14-maharani-chimanbai-ravi-varma-paintings 15-rai-pannalal-mehta-ravi-varma-paintings 16-lakshmi-ravi-varma-paintings 17-ravi-varma-paintings 18-ravi-varma-paintings 19-saraswathi-ravi-varma-paintings 20-ravi-varma-paintings.preview 21-agaligai-ravi-varma-paintings