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How to Keep The Romance Alive! You can use music, flowers, soaps, bubbly and candles to create intimacy in the bathroom, and here are 6 ways to spice up the mood in your bathroom before the bedroom.We’re not talking about getting to first, second, third base or even the home run!

Much has been said about foreplay, which would lead to that very satisfying home run, and much has also been spent on talking about the slow and physical intimacy of kissing, caressing and nibbling your partner as the 101 Basics on Physical  foreplay. However, couples often neglect the emotional foreplay. And it’s not just about whispering nice or cheeky little things into each other’s ears. Initiating foreplay can sometimes be challenging as we often run out of ideas and perhaps feel safer to stick to the tried-and- tested methods. But to love fully and completely is often to dare to explore ways to enhance each other’s senses and passion.

Here are five ways you can heighten the emotional intimacy, which will leave you and your partner fresh, aroused and absolutely ready:


Beautiful & Romantic Flower Ideas

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1. Have some music piped into your bathroom from the bedroom. Turn down the lights and leave the bathroom door open to heighten that experience. Yes, while the two of you may be the only people in the room, it makes the whole experience more exciting because an open door always makes us feel that much more exposed and vulnerable!


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2. Have flowers placed in shallow containers or even in the bathtub. Flower petals work too but nothing beats the scent of fresh flowers to heighten the senses. You may want to get your flower ideas from Perth flower delivery from Fresh Flowers .


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3. Bring in your favorite glass of bubbly or wine to sip as the both of you sensually undress each other. It is ok to be a little clumsy as laughing at each other does make for a more charming experience.


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4. Open that lovely scented bar of soap that’s only meant for this special occasion. Make sure you run the water to a relaxing warm and caressing temperature. Take turns to soap each other. There’s just something very sexy about somebody else sensually bathing you! And make sure the both of you take extra time to go over each other entirely and intimately!


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5. Hold on! Did you forget to light the candles? Make sure you have tea candles lit strategically in the bathroom to provide flickering views of each other. A dimmed down bathroom with a few well-placed candles adds to the romance and sensuality.

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6. Be intimate. Do not hurry even though the both of you feel aroused and feel like you should rush to the bedroom! Take time, relax and enjoy the shower or bathtub together, it can be really stimulating. This will make your experience in the bedroom that much more gratifying. Who knows, the both of you may not even make it to the bedroom after all!

And when the fun is all over, rest in each other’s arms. Perhaps you might want to take another warm shower again…and if you are lucky that could probably lead to the most desirable and satisfying … sleep. Or maybe not!

Remember, all these experiences make for a more satisfying relationship with your partner. It shows you care and respect each other in intimate ways shared by couples that enjoy taking the time with each other. Making love is an art that just gets better with each experience. And, like most things that matter in our lives, regular maintenance and care is required to keep it interesting and new.

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