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Amazing photographs of terrarium jewelry by ruby robin

Incredible snaps presents you fantastic photographs that shows you the terrarium jewelry made by Ruby Robin. The cork, Ireland based maker handcrafts tiny terrariums says “using a range of strange and beautiful curiosities, found in the woods and on the mountain sides, combed from the windswept beaches and picked in the wild meadows.” But that’s not all–Bells also does custom pieces, if you’re willing to send her your precious memories.

“I especially love making personalized keepsakes pieces,” explains Bells. “So if you have an idea for a piece you’d like to have made, perhaps with a scrap of your mothers bridal lace, a flower from a bouquet or even a strand of hair from a loved one, then please do get in touch so I can make something beautiful for you!”

These photographs are just stunning and they will grab your attention in the first look. This type of work really needs a great amount of patience and creativity. The artist has done an amazing job, now it’s your part to enjoy this lovely craft.

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