Amazing Light Painting By Eric Pare


Incredible snaps presents the amazing fantasy portraits. These light paintings are such an amazing thing that is included in these portraits. This amazing work was created by Eric Pare and Kim, these two guys have traveled lot with their light painting tubes to create the visuals. They also releases the visuals of this work for the learners to show how to create the pictures, this is really great thing about these guys. Everything thing is lit by the hand in just one second, he stood behind Kim and drew the light traces by his hand using the 4’ tube.   To speak about Eric he is a Canadian visual artist and he is performing the light-painting all around the world since 2013. He work has appeared and gained a great name in CNN, MTV, PetaPixel, CNET etc. he has hosted workshops and conference in Mexico, Dubai, San Francisco, Toronto, Boston and NYC. The great thing to speak about his pictures are that they are lit by hand in a single second with no any intentional external source of light. Here are the amazing portraits just watch and enjoy it.

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