Amazing Crocodile Pictures


Incredible snaps present the stunning photographs of crocodiles. Crocodiles are one of dangerous aquatic animal. It is also called true crocodile these are also called as aquatic tetra pods. Crocodiles are related to birds and dinosaurs. Another name of crocodile is Alligator. They have very acute sense and very powerful night vision. Then smelling sense of crocodile is just amazing and it can smell things fast and search for prey. They are about 5.2 m long that is 17 feet and weight up to 900 kg. This species move in belly run motion. They live throughout in tropics of Asia, Africa, America and Australia. Though crocodiles are protected they and their parts are used commercially. The skin of crocodile is tanned and used for wallets, Belts, shoes and hand bags. Crocodile meat is also consumed in many countries like Australia, Ethiopia, Thailand, South Africa also Cuba. It is found in some of the restaurants in United States. The meat is white in color and compared to other meat it has high cholesterol. The taste will like combination of crab and chicken. There are so many types in crocodile. Like American crocodile. Orinoco crocodile, fresh water crocodile and Philippine crocodile etc. here you can see some of different types of crocodile photographs hope you all love it.